what you get from Ellerbee security


The Protection You Need

Ellerbee will provide the type of security service that is appropriate to your specific needs. Our officers can serve you on foot, on bicycles, or in vehicles, providing a 360 degree circle of security around your property. We are there to cover your entire property when you are not there, adding the extra value of:

  • · Deterring vandalism, theft and trespassers,
  • · Detecting emergencies and fires,
  • · Providing quick notification to local law enforcement, fire and emergency services,
  • Alerting you to unsafe conditions, such as water leaks or power outages. 


Consistent and professional reporting

Ellerbee’s officers will observe any activity at the secured site. We will make consistent and thorough reports to your staff and to Ellerbee’s home office so that we can continue to tailor our services to help you better understand any security threats or vulnerabilities. We always want to become better at what we do. 


Professional Look; Professional Performance

 We put all of our candidates for hiring through an extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedure to verify his or her background and assess their fitness for security service, their trustworthiness, honesty and integrity.   The appearance of our officers will inspire your confidence. Their behavior will do nothing but reinforce that appearance. Though we are young in our history of providing security services, we have set very high standards for the people we bring to a jobsite.